IC 800 XXL

The IC 800 XXL Clipper created by International Clip for the biggest products such as Mortadella up to 50 Kg, cooked hams and full muscle roasts filled soft for moulds thanks to the air less slag fill up to 200mm.
The IC 800 XXL project offers:

  • simple usage – starting from the user panel
  • reliabillity – all the experience of International Clip into a solid stainless steel construction
  • perfect clipping of big calibers – using all Clip 800 series, closing Fibrous casings up to Ø 250mm


Product diameter: 120 mm – 250 mm
Slag fill: up to 200mm
Air pressure: 6 -7 bar
Tension: 400/460 V at 50/60 Hz
Weight: 750 kg
Clip range: serie 800