IC 18/15

The IC 18/15 is the new Clipper from International Clip, created for working the 18 and 15 series clip, maintaining the maximum reliability and simplicity in usage of the DKU 18/15 with several “NEWS” :

  • New design and frame in STAINLESS STEEL
  • Display in STAINLESS STEEL certified FDA (IP69K)
  • Electric board isolated in an extractable stainless steel box
  • New modular conveyor belt (certified FDA) with pneumatic or electric motor

The IC 18/15 Clipper can be equipped with many additional accessories, like the Loop Inserter, String dispenser, pneumatic Casing Brake, Cutting Tube (for cooked Hams), airless Slag-Fill (for products in moulds) and many more to meet any requirements in application and also in personalization.


Diameter: 30 mm – 140 mm (250 mm)
Cycles: up to 160/min.
Air pressure: 6 -7 bar
Power: 400/460 V at 50/60 Hz
Weight: 600 kg
Clip range: serie 18 – serie 15