DKU 18/15

The DKU 18/15 is able to work with the 18 and 15 series Clip, considering that it takes only 15 minutes to change from one size to the other. Thanks to the wide range of available Accessories the DKU 18/15 covers nearly any kind of production, using all common material like cellulose, collagen and plastic casings from calibre 30mm up to 130mm (250mm with thin plastic casings).
The IC 18/15 Clipper can be equipped with many additional accessories, like the Loop Inserter, String dispenser, pneumatic Casing Brake, Cutting Tube (for cooked Hams), airless Slag-Filling (for products in moulds) and many more to meet any requirements in application and also in personalization.


Diameter: 30 mm – 130 mm (250 mm)
Cycles: up to 130/min.
Air pressure: 6 -7 bar
Power: 400/460 V at 50/60 Hz
Weight: 600 kg
Clip range: series 18 – series 15