DKS 15/12

The DKS 15/12 “SPEED”, the high speed Clipper from International Clip, able to develop a production rate of more than 200 portions per minute with the maximum reliability thanks to the solid STAINLESS STEEL construction. The DKS 15/12 is the best choice for sausages of small and medium size, there for all over the world the performance of the DKS 15/12 is appreciated for the production of spreadable Cheese, bites of Salami, mini Pâté and Sucuk.

The DKS 15/12 Clipper can be equipped with many additional accessories, like the Loop Inserter, String dispenser, pneumatic Casing Brake and many more to meet any requirements in application and also in personalization.


Product diameter: 20 mm – 90 mm (110 mm)
Cycles: over 200/min.
Air pressure: 6 -7 bar
Power: 400/460 V at 50/60 Hz
Weight: 600 kg
Clip range: series 15 – series 12