DCP-S 600/700

The DCP-S 600 and 700 semiautomatic double Clippers are able to work with any kind of product and using cellulose, collagen and natural casings up to calibre 80mm with the DCP-S 600 and up to calibre 115mm with the DCP-S 700. Thanks to their versatility the DCP-S 600 and 700 are the right choice for all small and medium size Sausage Factories.
The semiautomatic double Clipper DCP-S 600 and 700 can be equipped with additional accessories, like the Loop Inserter, String dispenser, mobile pneumatic Casing Brake to meet any requirements in application and also in personalization. Also the touch screen control panel, available in different languages is included in the basic machine as standard accessory.


Product diameter: up to 80 mm (DCP-S 600) up to 115 mm (DCP-S 700)
Air pressure: 6 -7 bar
Power: 220 V at 50 Hz
Weight: 115 kg
Clip range: series 600 – series 700